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Twice-Baked Zucchini 
Copyright © 2007 by Bill Scifres
(Note: This recipe will work for medium-large zucchinis, but it is designed for super-large ones.)


1 zucchini (rather large)
½ pound meat or sea food (your choice, shrimp excellent)
2 cups mixed vegetables
1 small tomato (chopped into small pieces
1 cup precooked rice
butter pats, about four 
½ cup cheese (of your choice, small chunks or shredded)
Seasonings to taste


Cut zucchini in half lengthwise.
Carefully scrape out big seeds of each half.
Leave small seeds in zucchini halves.
This leaves half an inch or more of zucchini along the half sides and bottom of halves.
Put salt, pepper, butter in halves and bake at 350 degrees F. until zucchini halves are tender to fork.
Place zucchini halves on individual sheets of foil large enough to wrap them tightly in foil.
Place in shallow pan, but leave foil open.


Partially sauté shrimp cut in bite size pieces until light brown.
In saucepan cover chopped vegetables and parboil, drain veggies.

To Bake Second Time

Distribute meat or fish pieces in hollowed out ares of zucchini halves.
Cover meat or fish pieces with parboiled veggies, add pats of butter.
Bake on foil pieces, but open in a shallow pan at 350 degrees. 
Spread cheese cubes on veggies last five minutes or until melted.
Spread uncooked tomato pieces atop zucchini halves and serve hot.

(Note: Dish may be tastier if served with sauce, spicy or regular.)
(Note: Last phase of cooking may be broiling to brown.)
(Note: Bacon or thin fresh side strips may be placed on top in last phases of cooking.)

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