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Photo of Book Cover, Bayou Bill's Best Stories
"Countless small and large outdoor joys are to be found in Bill's book, a capsuled lifetime of discovering delightful living and lore . . . " 
-- Midwest Outdoors

" . . . what a truly marvelous story teller he is and how he seems to have covered every facet of the out-of-doors during more than a half century." 
-- The Daily Clintonian

" . . . a book any Hoosier can sit by the fire and enjoy this winter." 
-- Osgood Journal

"Bill Scifres, unlike a lot of us, never forgot how to have fun. . . . His niche in life is obviously to write about the outdoors, and we are the better for it." -- Indianapolis Star

"Outlandish characters and a lifetime of misadventures touch on the timeless tradition of humorous tales and anecdotes. Scifres is one of many regional raconteurs widely enjoyed, who sustains the storytelling tradition." -- Come-All-Ye

To arrange to purchase copies of Bayou Bill's Best Stories: Most of Them True search for Bill Scifres at To secure permission to excerpt from the book or order directly from the publisher, contact:
Indiana University Press
601 N. Morton Street
Bloomington, IN 47404-3797
Toll Free: 1-800-842-6796
Fax: 812-855-7931

"If you don't know outdoor life, stash this guide in your pack and you'll take along about as knowledgeable a friend as you can find. The odds are that Indiana Outdoors will become a collector's item as well as a practical guide." --William R. New

Indiana Outdoors will delight lovers of that wonderland of field and stream, woods, hill, ravine and lake, minutes from every Hoosier door. Even if you read it while you are propped up on your pillows in bed during a winter snowstorm, it will make you itch to get to the great outdoors and will give you pleasant dreams." --Indianapolis Star

Photo of Book Cover, Indiana Outdoors
"Indiana Outdoors is designed as a guide, a how-to-do-it-better piece of advice if you hunt, fish, go searching for mushrooms, or want to cook what you find in Indiana. . . . It's worth the reading, whether you like to fish or hunt or not." --South Bend Tribune
Indiana Outdoors: A Guide to Fishing, Hunting, and Wild Crops is currently out of print. Look for it at your local library or check for a used copy at
For permission to reprint or excerpt from Indiana Outdoors, contact:
Scifres Family
6420 East 116th Street
Fishers, IN 46038
Phone: 317-849-6016 
Bill was always cooking up something. This is the cover design for just one of the many book ideas he was working on. Many of his recipes can be found on this website. See Wild Recipes.

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