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Persimmon Roll
Recipe courtesy of Dillman Farm Store, 4955 West State Road 45, Bloomington, IN 47401*


2 cups persimmon pulp 
¾ cup sugar (brown sugar ok) 
2 cups mini marshmallows 
½ cup pecans (I like more pecans, less marshmallows) 
about four cups graham cracker crumbs (some ground pretty fine for final coating of rolls) 


Mix pulp, sugar, nuts and marshmallows. Stir in graham crumbs until mixture is stiff enough to shape into roll (one large roll or three or four smaller rolls) . . . Coat each roll in finely-ground graham crackers and wrap them in wax paper or foil. Refrigerate rolls for several hours (even overnight or several days) before serving  Slice into half-inch rounds for serving. 

[Forming the mixture into rolls is a very messy job at best. Less messy for the hands is a sheet (14 to 18 inches long) of foil wrap--it may be possible to use plastic wrap. Start by coating an area of the wrap with fine (dustlike) rolled graham crackers. Put it over the above mixture as well. It takes quite a lot of the rolled grahams. Spoon the mixture onto the finely rolled graham crackers. Grasp foil at both ends. Raise and lower hands alternately to cause the mixture to roll over in the finely rolled grahams. Then apply some rolled grahams to the ends and square both ends off. When the rolls (I like to make them about two inches in diameter) are well coated with finely rolled grahams, fold both ends of foil together and refrigerate for a lengthy time.

Notes: The mix must be well saturated with grahams to form stiff rolls. Letting the mix stand at room temperature will help saturation. Keep good supply of finely rolled grahams on rolls under refrigeration. Sprinkle sides of crosswise cuts of rolls with finely rolled grahams. For one mixture, plan to use slightly more than one and a third boxes of grahams.  Boxes of grahams contain three packages of crackers. Some persimmon pulps contain more liquid. -- Bayou Bill]

I serve the Persimmon Roll with orange-brandy sauce. Recipe below.

Orange-Brandy Sauce 

3 tablespoons butter 
3 tablespoons flour 
1 cup orange juice 
Sugar (granulated or brown) to taste 
Brandy to taste (your option) 

Melt butter in small sauce pan. Stir in orange juice and sugar until sugar is dissolved.  In a teacup, make a paste with four and a few spoons orange juice. Stir more orange juice into paste until it is dissolved. Stir dissolved paste into orange-juice sugar mixture and cook gently, stirring constantly, until it thickens some. When sauce is cool, stir in brandy (if  you like) and refrigerate sauce for later use with persimmon roll or any other suitable dessert. 

 *Note: Persimmon pulp is available at a reasonable price at the above-mentioned Dillman Farm Store at Bloomington, or at the County Store on U.S. 421 (south of Ind. 32) north of Zionsville.


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