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Winter Fruit Salad with Sauce

We are separated from fresh Hoosier/Midwest fruits by several months of blahs, but wintertime fruit salad, mostly from cans, is not a bad way for taste buds to while away the time, especially when several canned fruits are parlayed with available fresh fruit (say bananas) and nut meats, then teamed with a good sugar sauce. Preparation is simple and fast (less than 30 minutes), not counting the cooling time in the frig. 

The Players

Mandarin Orange Slices, one 6-ounce can 
Pears (sliced), one 15-ounce can 
Peaches (sliced), one 15-ounce can 
Mixed Fruit, one 15-ounce can 
Strawberries (1-cup, fresh, chunked) 
1 banana (cut into 1/8-inch rings) 
Nutmeats (one cup, your choice, chopped) 

Drain and mix fruit in large bowl, stir in chopped nutmeats. Stir in slowly, 1 cup granulated (white) sugar, and ½ cup (one-half cup) brown sugar. Cover and refrigerate . . . The sugar alone will make a thick, sweet liquid. 

The Sauce

2 tablespoons butter 
1 tablespoon all-purpose flour 
Juice from cans of fruit 

Making the Sauce

Melt butter in medium-sized sauce pan. Stir flour into melted butter over medium heat. 

When butter and flour combine to make a putty-like substance, slowly sir in fruit juice from cans, an ounce or two at a time, stirring constantly. As sauce bubbles slowly and thickens stir in more juice until all of the juice is gone, or when desired thickness and amount of sauce is achieved. 

Allow sauce to cool, then ladle or pour it over the chilled fruit. Allow fruit to chill a few hours to give fruit a chance to be saturated by sauce. [To see the finished product, click here.]

Serve with sweet cream, half-and-half, whipped cream, ice cream, or with the sauce alone. 

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