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Oh, Flounder, you rounder, Id like an eight-pounder,
   But a six would be just fine with me.
Still, Id be in heaven if I hooked a seven, 
   And a fiver would fill me with glee.

Oh, Flounder, absconder, Id like a four-pounder--
   But a two would be just fine with me
But thinking it over, Id be in tall clover, 
    If I could just hook me a three.

Oh, Flounder, a bounder, Id like a one-pounder . . . 
    I just want a keeper, you see . . . 
A 14-plus-incher just might be the clincher, 
    And I could go home merrily. 


  [This little poem may express the frustrations of flounder anglers as more stringent flounder regulations are imposed up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. --Bill]

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