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Ol' Blackberry Time
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Olí Blackberry Time
By Bill Scifres

Talk about your favorite season, aní Iíll up and tell you mine, 
Without fancy words or phrases, Itís just . . . 
Ol' Blackberry Time!

With pail in hand, I trudge the dusty lane, 
Until the shady thicket is at hand,
Then part the brush and slip through walls of briars
Into a world of wonder--Natureís Land. 

Skeeters whine around my ear, but I dasnít ever hear,
Part the briars and slip on through, Ďtil big berries bless my view . . . 
Pick a few, and then, by gum,
Sit me down, and eat me some!

Nen I see the best of life  . . . natureís follies, and her strife . . .
Just like humans, I declare, wouldnít know Iím hiding there,
Watching lifeís most simple times . . . seeiní that it's just like mine. 
Little, ol' brown creeper, he, sneaks on up yon dead elm tree,

Eatiní things that you and me, never will have eyes to see.
Olí blue jay, ornery cus, kickiní up an awful fuss
Just because I found his lair in that walnut fork up there.

Fill my pail then, slip on back . . . To the road where humans live,
Dust squirts up between my toes, and I wonder, as I go 
Back to town, do others know, 'bout Blackberry Time. 


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