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Gun Control Legislation Fears
Copyright © 2008 by Bill Scifres

It will be either just before, or just after, the year 2008 bows out, but whenever it is, the coming session of the legislature is currently taking on the hue of a non-entity so far as legislation related to natural resources and the outdoors.

As of now, bills in the legislature that will affect natural and wildlife resources are rather skimpy. Still, with our upcoming president’s apparent leanings on gun control, I am hearing from lots of good hunters and outdoors folks that we should  brace ourselves for any possible attempt to take our guns or otherwise unload them.

So great, in fact, is this fear on the part of many law-abiding outdoors people that, even in our own peaceful little state, gun and ammunition shops have been doing land office business since before the November election. Suffice it to say: It ain’t like having hunter Ike [Dwight D. Eisenhower].

It could be that, with the economy, war, and other distractions to deal with, the outdoors folks’ anticipated gun woes may not show. But, because law enforcement groups have such a spotty history with regard to buying guns and gaining possession in other manners, it is not a bad thing to fear.

I would venture an opinion that some Americans need to learn what role guns have played in the development of our country.

"Old Hickory said we could take ‘em by surprise if we didn’t fire our musket ‘til we looked ‘em in the eyes . . .” -- Johnny Horton song, Battle of New Orleans  

SUCKER TIME -- Whether you fish with hook and line, or gig (spear), the time is nigh for getting a good bait of suckers . . . one of the tastiest fish that swims our rivers . . . and some lakes.

One of the big deterrents to eating suckers (white or redhorse) is their bone structure--both the normal skeleton structure and the needlebones scattered through the flesh. The big bones can be eliminated by cutting off the side filets, but how about the needle bones in the flesh?

I filet them (skin and scales on); then they must be scored.

To score with sharp knife, simply place filets skin side down on a cutting board. With sharp knife cut crosswise down almost to skin, but not quite that deep. Cuts (scores) should be made every three-sixteenths of an inch the length of filet. 

Salt and pepper scored filets and dredge in mix of flour and cornmeal and freeze flat on cookie sheet. Separate frozen filets with waxed paper to avoid sticking and place in freezer containers.

Deep fry. When they float and turn golden brown they are done.

REMEMBER -- All deer seasons end Sunday, January 4, 2009.

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