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Firearm Deer Season Opened November 15
Copyright © 2008 by Bill Scifres
Well, my error is all over, I finally got the firearm season for deer opened. It was my error – not a typo – and I will be more careful in using things I know in the future.
I could let everyone think it was a typographical error in my column of last week that caused the goof up. But it was my thinking . . . not a typo.
At any rate, deer hunters probably knew the season opened last Saturday, November 15  instead of November 17, as I, in error, reported.

When I wrote that November 17 was opening day of the gun season, I doubted my statement even though I had the opening/closing dates in black and orange in the DNR’s Hunting guide before my eyes. The problem came because I looked at the 2007-2008 hunting guide. I should have been looking at the 2008-2009 guide. It is correct. 
For many years, the firearm deer season has opened, by law on the first Saturday after Veterans’ Day. But I thought it might have been changed for some reason. It hadn’t.
With that in the archives, first reports from check stations indicate the Saturday/Sunday hunting was a little slower than usual, but Chad Stewart, assistant deer biologist, believes the weather on Saturday may have caused a lack of hunters.

As you will recall, Saturday was rainy and cold; Sunday was cold with a snowdrop or two. These days are the greatest harvest days of the season.
Chad says the weather may have kept some hunters at home . . . baking their shins.

While no numbers were available for either archery or gun hunting, Stewart said the bow benders appeared to be doing their job. This hunting appears to be up a bit. Both firearm and the first bow season will end November 30, I am told. That “I am told” is a way of hedging my information. I am still gun shy.

BIOLOGIST RETIRES – Dr. Jim Mitchell, the biologist, who for more than 15 years rode herd on our deer herd, has retired . . . probably to dancing of jigs by some armchair biologists who have unsuccessfully tried over the years to ramrod their weak-sister theories on deer management through the DNR.

Real deer hunters can hope that we will get the same kind of deer management in the future.

An avid squirrel hunter, Jim may have hung his season-opener deer by now, and is chewing the back leg of a gray squirrel at this moment.       

FISHING ARTIFICIALS – In view of the fact that many waters are partially covered with floating dry leaves, we are asked, how this it is managed.

Frankly, this is not my favorite kind of fishing, but when I have to fish artificial lures in these conditions, I opt for a spoon type lure that delivers its wobbly, best action on a jig-type retrieve. I try to plant the lure in a patch of open water, and let it sink a few feet. On the retrieve, I use a slow winding of the reel handle while steering my line around the leaves on the surface.

I do not catch as many bass in this manner, but then the dark color of the water may also be a factor, and time is the only cure for this.

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