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Indiana Striped Bass Association Formed
Copyright © 2006 by Bill Scifres

When was the last time a fish stripped 100 yards of line off your reel?

When was the last time you caught a fish than weighed more than 25 pounds?

Well, if either of these experiences interest you, then the Indiana Striped Bass Association (ISBA) is for you.

The ISBA was formed June 11th 2006 at Cecil Harden Reservoir in Parke County when a picnic, organizational meeting and an election of officers were held. Door prizes were provided by many sponsors and more than 35 people in attendance, all received prizes such as fishing rods, lures, and trolling equipment.

The ISBA conservation organization that promotes communication on education, tips, techniques and conservation efforts for the enjoyment and preservation of striped bass and hybrid striped bass fishing.

 The ISBA motto says it all: “The ISBA is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the striped bass and hybrid striped bass fisheries in Indiana.” It’s that simple.

With More than 50 members already, the ISBA is growing fast, and is certain to be an asset to sportsmen who are interested in striper and wiper fishing. New members are welcome by contacting: Dwight Scifres, President ISBA. The address: P.O. Box 568 Montezuma, IN 47862, or e-mail: orbitbowl@yahoo.com 

The new organization also has a website of information about tactics and techniques, as well as outlining it’s conservation goal and efforts. The website address is: http://www.indianastripedbass.org

From 1983 to 1989 some 200,000 small wiper fry and roughly 647,313 one-to-three-inch fry were stocked in nine impoundments of the state. Successful populations were established at lakes Freeman and Shafer, the Tippecanoe River below the lakes, Eagle Creek, Cataract Lake (Cagle’s Mill), and Monroe Reservoir.

The striper program started in 1974 at Brookville Reservoir and has since spread to Harden Reservoir, Patoka Reservoir, and Hardy Lake. 

However, due to “midnight stocking” the exotic species may be found in many of the state’s other waters, including some rivers, especially the Ohio River.

Stripers have been available only at a few lakes, mostly from hatcheries in Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia since that program started in 1974. Brookville was the original striper lake in Indiana, but since that time they have been placed by the Department of Natural Resources at Harden, Patoka, or Hardy.


The Department Of Natural Resources has announced dares for the upcoming duck, goose, and seasons on other forms of waterfowl. 

Earlier in the summer season dates for other early-migrating waterfowl had been announced.

Here’s the way the season dates will go:


(North Zone), Oct 14 - Oct 20; and Oct.28 - Dec 19 (all dates inclusive).

(South Zone), Oct 21 -29, and Nov. 22 - Jan. 11.

(Ohio River Zone) Oct 28 - Oct 29, and Nov. 25 - Jan. 21.

Canada Geese: 

(North Zone, three seasons), Oct 14 -15 (all dates inclusive), Oct. 28 - Oct. 29, and Nov 4 - Jan. 8.

(SJBT Zone), Oct 14 -15, Oct. 28 -Dec. 29, and Nov. 22 - Jan 6.

(South Zone), Oct 21 - 22, Nov 22 - 28. 

(Ohio River Zone), Oct 28 - 29, and Nov.25 - Jan. 31. 

(Note: North and Southern James Bay Zones of the northern part of the state have three seasons for Canada geese).

White Fronted Geese (statewide): Nov. 4 - Jan. 28.

Snow Geese, Brant (statewide): Oct. 14 - Jan. 26.


They’re playing games with deer-pen hunting again, so much so that it is difficult to determine what’s going to happen next. But it (deer-pen hunting) looks very much alive for at least 10 or 12 years. Just when it conservationists of the state thought that justice was being done. More later, after the smoke clears from the faulty info. 


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