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Sonny's Fried Cauliflower
Copyright © 2003 by Bill Scifres

ďWhatís that you say, Sonny . . . wait  . . . let me turn up my trumpet . . . I thought you said (GASP!) FRIED CAULIFLOWER.Ē 

You heard me right, Gram . . . you know more about cooking than anyone in the whole world, b-b-b-but I did it, Gram . . . I fried cauliflower--even burned it a little . . . and it was good.

ďHOGWASH, Sonny! Nobody fries cauliflower . . . you steam it . . .  and when it is nice and tender you melt butter over the top, and serve it hot. ď 

No, Gram! I fried it . . . Iíll admit that I steamed it a little first . . . but then I fried it in olive oil in my old iron skillet, and when it was done I fried a few strips of thick fresh side in the same skillet . . . really good, Gram!

ďWell, I swan! In all my born days I never heard of anything so ridiculous, Sonny . . . here give me another whiff of my smelling salts . . . Ah! Thatís better . . . but I still canít believe it . . . I donít know whatís gonna happen to you young folks . . . FRIED CAULIFLOWER?  . . . what kind of fol-de-rol is that?Ē

Iím sorry to have gotten you all riled up, Gram . . . but thereís more . . . now brace yourself . . . I fried a few thick strips of fresh side in the same skillet when the cauliflower was nice and browned . . . and, Gram, I didnít even flour the side . . . just fried it in the same skillet with a little salt and pepper.

ďI canít believe it, Sonny . . . you didnít (GASP!) flour the side . . . this gets worse as it goes on . . . nobody fries fresh side without flouring it . . . that would be sacrilegious . . . Iíll bet you didnít even make gravy to have with the side.ď

No! I didnít make gravy, Gram . . . but when the side was covered with the fryings in the skillet, I sprinkled finely-rolled crackers crumbs on the strips and did the same thing after I turned it . . . Wow! Those cracker crumbs browned right along with the side . . . it was great . . . I creamed some whole-kernel corn and served it with chilled sliced tomatoes topped with cottage cheese.

ďWell, you did something right, Sonny . . . itís hard to beat creamed corn and chilled sliced tomatoes in the summertime . . . Here . . . help me to the couch, Sonny . . . and keep my salts handy . . . I donít think Iím ever gonna understand what makes you youngsters tick . . . in the kitchen or anyplace else.Ē

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