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The Bee Man - Pictures To Prove It
Copyright © 2003 by Bill Scifres

When Saddler, who for the lack of a first name, now is known as "the bee man," came to hive my first swarm of bees, his devil-may-care tactics prepared me for many similar performances by other beekeepers, and some of my own.

While beekeepers, as a breed of cat, know the propensities of bees to sting, they also see them as friendly little critters.

These pictures well illustrate Saddler's bravado and his love for bees.

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High in a poplar tree, this swarm of some two gallons of bees, posed a big problem for Saddler.
Saddler ties tall ladder to a large limb, then saws off the smaller limb that the swarm temporarily is calling home.
With limb and bees in hand, Saddler descends.
With bees buzzing him, Saddler does not dally as he reaches the bed of his truck and a measure of safety.
Get In There
With new home partially hidden by the poplar limb, Saddler gently shakes bees onto the front porch of their new home.
Helping Hand
Albeit bare, Saddler gives stragglers a helping hand over the threshold of their new home. 

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