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Moisture, Heat Solve Hard Cookie Problem
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So you made a big batch of Christmas Cookies from Aunt Minnie's recipe? Great!

But the big batch translated into a humongous batch and, though everyone went after them gleefully, there still was an industrial strength of leftover Aunt Minnie's Christmas Cookies. . .not so great. . .they got hard. . .their nice, soft chewy texture was gone. . .

Despair not. . .a sheet of paper towel folded in half, then half again (so it is one fourth as large as it was originally), and a few drops of cold tap water will rejuvenate that "nice, soft, chewy" texture if you simply place the cookie in the middle of the fold and microwave the whole works for like 20 seconds.

For a whole plate of cookeis, simply cover them with a single (or double) sheet of paper towel and follow the above procedure.

The microwaving process renders the cookies nice and warm, too--like they are just out of the oven.

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