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About BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS (www.bayoubill.com) 
BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS website attracts an average of more than 10,000 visitors a month. The home page enjoys over 120,000 page views each year; several other pages attract over 5,000 monthly page views. The website is public to all Internet users. 

Banner and Logo Advertisements 

A limited number of Banner and Logo spots are available. Major subject pages include: 
Home Page
Weekly Column
Monthly Column
Short Shots & Casts
Wild Recipes
Water Watch
DNR Doings

Materials, Deadlines, and Rotation

BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS offers Banner and Logo ads, as well as Enhanced Listings. 
Ad Type Size/Pixels
(approx. 1" x 5")
468 x 60
(approx. 1" x 1")
96 x 96
Enhanced Listings
(Bold, Italic, Graphic, No Blinking)
  • Format: GIF images only 
  • Maximum File Size: 8 - 10K
  • All ad materials must be received by the 15th of the month for placement in the following month
  • Banner ads are placed at the top of the selected page while Logo ads appear at the bottom or side.
  • Except for the Sponsor page, where all Enhanced Listings appear, no more than five ads (one Banner and four Logo) will appear on a selected page. Logo ads are routinely rotated in position.
  • No more than twelve Enhanced Listings will appear on the Sponsor page (in a random sequence), and each listing will be rotated to the primary position for a period of not less than one month per year.
  • Direct linking services will be provided to the advertiserís home page.
  • A second listing (with link) in an alphabetic Advertiser Index will be provided without extra charge.
  • Banners, logos, and graphics can be emailed or captured from an existing URL. 

2007 - 2008 Rates

Ad Type 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Banner -- home page
Logo -- home page
Banner -- other page
Logo -- other page
Enhanced Listing on Sponsor page -- Bold or Italics, No Blinking
Enhanced Listing on Sponsor page -- With Small Graphic
Contact webmaster@bayoubill.com to request further information or place an order. 

Terms and Conditions
  • The subject matter, form, size, wording, illustration, and typography of the advertising shall be subject to the approval of BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS. BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS shall have the right to reject or omit any advertisement which BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS, in its sole discretion, considers unsuitable for any reason or contrary to the policies of BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS. 
  • Failure by BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS to insert advertising in any particular month or months invalidates the order for insertion in the missed month but shall not constitute a breach of agreement. 
  • BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS may reject or omit any advertisement when the space allocated to advertising in a particular period for which such advertising is ordered has all been taken. BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS may also limit the amount of space an advertiser may use in any period. 
  • The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and members for all losses, costs, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorneysí fees, arising from any claim for infringement of the rights of third parties based upon publication of the advertising in question. 
  • Any amount due BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS for advertising is payable within seven ( 7) days of ad insertion on the website. If payment is not received within seven (7) days, advertising shall be temporarily suspended until such time as payment is received. 
  • BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS reserves the right to cancel any advertising at any time upon default by the advertiser in the payment of bills or in the event of any other substantial breach of these terms and conditions by the advertiser. Upon such cancellation, charges for all advertising published and any other charges payable to BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS shall become immediately due and payable by the advertiser. 
  • No terms and conditions for any advertising other than those stated herein shall be binding on BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS, except with its explicit written consent. 
  • BAYOU BILLíS ALL OUTDOORS will work closely with the advertiser to insure that the final appearance of ads placed is acceptable to the advertiser. However, BAYOU BILL'S ALL OUTDOORS shall have no responsibility or liability for any materials sent it by any advertiser nor for any errors in any advertising form, size, wording, illustration, typography, or any other matter relating to any advertiser, including the Advertiser Index

Thank you for your interest in advertising on this website!

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